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In 2008 Lisa Cain was invited onto the Masters Registry Advisory Board
to help develop the curriculum for this challenging and prestigious
Metal Clay Credential.
Lisa, and a dozen other hand-picked artists from around the globe, worked behind the scenes for nearly two years to streamline the original concept.
Members of the Masters Registry Advisory Board
Testing projects, producing work, and giving feedback to shape the syllabus was an excellent outlet for Lisa's creative spirit and her tendency to push boundaries. 
As Director of the PMC Guild UK, Lisa organised the 2nd UK PMC Symposium in the iconic @Bristol building in the summer of 2009.
The two-day event showcased the work made by the Advisory Board as part of the European Masters Registry Launch.
Lisa's work also formed part of the Masters Registry Launch Exhibition during
the PMC Guild Conference in 2010 at Purdue University, New Mexico USA. 
Candidates were able to enrol and begin participating in the
Masters Registry Programme in 2010.
Learn more about the Metal Clay Masters Registry here

Top row left to right

Chris Darway, Celie Fago, Deb Weld,

Tim McCreight, Robert Dancik,

Maggie Bergman

Bottom row left to right

Jeanette Landenwitch, Sherri Haab, Noortje Meijerink, Lisa Cain,

Hattie Sanderson

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