Did you know Lisa Cain invented Sterling Silver Clay?

The manufacturers had just released a stronger type of silver clay but it was mixed to a purity of only 900 particles of silver (per thousand) and therefore we could not have it Hallmarked.

In the UK this matters.

Lisa refused to believe it could not be done.

"We had pure silver clay and we had copper clay so I knew it must be possible to mix them to make Sterling (925)"

It was a historic moment when Lisa held the world's first ever Hallmarked Sterling Silver Clay jewellery in her hand.

It took a lot of work to get there, but after many experiments, failures and tests, Lisa and her team at MCSJ succeeded.

She then released the mixing method, the recipe and the firing schedule to the metal clay community in 2011. The manufacturers eventually caught up and, thankfully, we no longer have to mix our own!

Read more about this adventure here


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