Lisa Cain has been teaching Silver Metal Clay classes combined with traditional silver-work skills
longer than anyone else in the UK.
These prestigious classes are run at Lisa's establishment,
The Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery, founded in 2001.
She specialises in combining traditional silver work skills with metal clay,
allowing students to elevate their silver clay work above 'hobby craft' into the professional arena.
Lisa pioneered the first ever brand-neutral silver clay qualification class,
The Silver Metal Clay Diploma
Here, the focus is solely on students producing high quality, professional-standard silver work.
Previously, certification classes had been run by the manufacturers, as a type of 'pyramid selling', focussed on giving a discounted clay price after attending 'certification' classes.
The curriculum Lisa developed for the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma remains the most thorough training available anywhere in the world and has been running since 2004.
The MCSJ Diploma is the only silver clay qualification course to include 
  • Traditional sterling silver skills like soldering, chain making, hand-made designer earring hooks, brooch fittings, clasps and more
  • Clearly laid out standards which are rigorously applied to all students​
  • A written test to ensure all students thoroughly understand best working practices
  • A teaching module to ensure an understanding of the essentials of teaching a good class 
  • A quarter of the curriculum is focused on Design because Lisa believes understanding the Elements and Principles of Design will elevate your work beyond the hobby level and help you to mature as an Artist
Lisa then went on to introduce the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma as 
the first ever Home Study qualification course.
Currently, people all over the world are studying
to attain this qualification in the comfort of their own homes,
at a time and pace which works around their other commitments.
Almost all well-established silver clay teachers and independent schools
operating in the UK today have studied with Lisa Cain at some time during the past 15 years.
Lisa regularly attends classes with the best jewellery artists from across the globe,
pushing herself to learn new skills to elevate her own work.
She incorporates everything she learns into teaching at MCSJ.
Study we the best.
We do
Lead the way.
Others will follow
In the light of Lisa's visionary education strategy, other metal clay qualification courses
have altered their curriculums, raised their standards, even changed the name of their qualifications from a 'certification' to a Diploma in an effort to emulate
the ground-breaking education standards set by Lisa Cain at MCSJ. 
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 Lisa Cain
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